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How to zip a file

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The purpose of 'zipping' files is to compress the file size, to send to others or to archive, without using up too much disk space. This article shows you how to zip files using the free software 'Jzip'.
What you'll need: 
A computer with internet access
The files that you wish to zip
Download jzip by going to Click on the large download button. This will download an executable file called jZipV1.exe. Run this executable file and follow through the instructions on screen. Jzip will automatically open. It will also put an icon on your desktop.
Put all the files you wish to 'zip' into one folder. They can be different types of files eg .doc, .txt or .jpg files. Highlight all the files you wish to zip, by clicking each whilst holding down CTRL key, then right click.
'Select Add to Zip file'. The jzip program will automatically create a folder name for the files. You can edit this name if you wish to call it something different.
Once you are happy with the folder name, you just click Add. The program will zip the files and put them in the folder you have requested. The folder will probably be about one quarter of the size of the original.
If you wish you can now send this folder as an attachment on email. Or simply keep it as a backup copy.
The person receiving the file needs to have Jzip installed. Then they just click on the folder and then click Extract. They will then need to identify the folder where they wish the files to be saved, uncompressed. Then click the Extract button and the files will be saved in their original size.
Zipping files is easy once you get used to it and its an excellent way to keep or send files without over loading your disk space.
Name your folders something meaningful so you will know what the files are about.


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