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How to Write a cheque

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This may appear easy to some people, but to someone who has never completed this task, filling out a bank cheque in a cheque book can be a confusing process. Follow these steps and never have any trouble again.
What you'll need: 
A cheque book
A Pen
The first step is to write the identity of the payee, and the amount you are giving them. This is found near the centre of the cheque where three lines that start with the word "Pay," will be. This should be the name followed by the amount in words.
Then the amount in figures will need filling in, on the right hand side of the cheque.
The date must then be printed either in full or in short. This should be found in the top right hand corner of the cheque.
Your signature is then required in the box below the amount in numbers.
The final step should be to fill in the memo part of the cheque book, on the far left hand side, which acts as an invoice for the cheque you have just written.
Rip the cheque out of the cheque book.
Filling in the memo section after ripping the cheque out of the cheque book on the left hand side will act as an invoice to avoid confusion in the future.
Be sure to write Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms before writing the payee if it is to a single person, as this will help determine the identity of the person trying to cash the cheque.
Be sure to write "only," after the amount in words to avoid the amount increasing after the cheque has been passed on.
Be sure to end the amount in figures in ".00," for example, "£23.00," again to avoid the amount increasing after the cheque has been dispatched.


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