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How To Write A Best Man's Speech

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Writing and delivering a best man's speech can be a daunting task, particularly for those with an aversion to public speaking. However, with the help of a few simple steps an original and memorable best man's speech can be crafted.
What you'll need: 
Photographs of groom
Friend or relative of the groom
Plan your speech. The most important step in composing it is ensuring that it's written with insight, sincerity and originality. Cliché-ridden, generic, unfunny and crude speeches should be avoided. Presentation Magazine recommends visualising the groom with his partner and considering points such as how long the couple have been together, the bride's background and what the couple want from life.
Having set a clear plan for your speech, collect and utilise all resources available for research. Working through old photograph albums and speaking to a wide range of the bride and groom's friends and relatives can be particularly useful in this process. Draw on your personal relationship with both parties as a starting point.
Find out who will be attending the wedding. This will determine to a large extent the nature of the content of your speech. Be aware of the possible presence of children, relatives and others who may be offended by particular elements of your speech. Remember though that it is unlikely that all of the content of your speech will have resonance with the entire audience at all times. Indeed according to the BBC's guide to best man's speeches, though you can't expect everyone to be laughing at all times, as long as the general consensus is that the speech went well, it can be considered to be a success.
It is important to leave out profanity, blasphemy, crude language, (overly revealing) references to the groom's previous relationships and any other content which may be construed as being offensive Again, use the guest list as a reference when choosing your content.
Allow yourself sufficient time to create a first draft of your speech and rewrite and fine-tune it thereafter. A good speech will require time, revision and practice.
Rule number one of best man's speeches: don't drink excessively before your speech even if you think it will help you relax and speak more confidently. A drunk best man can be embarrassing, leaving an unpleasant after-taste on an important occasion.
A best man's speech prepared with care and sincerity will make a positive and memorable contribution to an extremely important and joyful day in the life of the bride and groom.
Practice your speech numerous times before the day of the wedding.
Familiarise yourself with the reception venue and seating plan when planning your speech.


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