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How to Wrap a Christmas Present

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We all know that “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but when it comes to giving a Christmas present, it doesn’t hurt to put a little thought into the gift wrapping as well. Make your gifts look extra “present-able” this Christmas by following a few helpful tips.
What you'll need: 
A present
A box (optional)
Wrapping paper
A straight edge or ruler (optional)
Cellophane tape
Curling ribbon and/or a bow
A card
First things first, remove any price stickers from the gift. You don’t want the recipient to know how much – or how little – you spent. If the price tags aren’t removable, such as with a book, you can use a permanent marker to black out the price of the item.
Choose a suitably-sized box to wrap the gift in. Although this is an optional step, wrapping a symmetrical object saves a lot of hassle.
On a hard, flat surface, unroll enough wrapping paper to cover your gift. Measure the paper to cover the box all the way around, ensuring you leave a “margin” of paper to overlap at the seams. It’s better to err on the side of too much paper than not enough.
With a straight edge or ruler, mark the line(s) to cut and use the scissors to remove the segment of paper from the roll. (Some wrapping paper has a cutting grid already imprinted on the underside or, if you’re really good, you can eyeball it.)
Position the gift upside down in the centre of the wrapping paper and fold one side of the paper and then the other so that the seam is on the bottom of the package. There should be a slight overlap. Tear off a strip of cellophane tape and secure the seam.
To seal one end of the box, fold the paper in on both sides and crease the top and bottom so that they form triangles. Fold the triangles so that they meet in the centre and tape closed. Repeat this step for the other end.
Cut a length of curling ribbon equal to twice the height plus twice the length plus twice the width with a remainder for the bow. With the box remaining upside down, slide the ribbon under the box, keeping it centred as you wrap it up the sides.
Cross the two ends and pull tightly then turn the box 90 degrees and wrap the ribbon back down the remaining two sides, turning the box right side up as you do.
Tie the ribbon into a knot or a bow and curl the ends by passing the ribbon between your thumb and the blade of your scissors, taking care not to cut yourself in the process!
Affix a card bearing the recipient’s name for the perfect finishing touch.
If you are short on wrapping paper, try substituting newsprint, sheet music (legally copied, of course!), or several sheets of tissue paper for a unique presentation.
Be sure to dispose of all gift wrappings appropriately and recycle wherever possible.
If you are travelling by plane during the holidays, bring your gift wrapping supplies with you or stock up on arrival. Wrapped gifts may be unwrapped when you go through airport security, even if they are in your checked luggage, so avoid some hassle by gift wrapping once you have reached your destination.
Never burn wrapping paper in your fireplace or wood-burning stove as it may release harmful chemicals into the air.


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