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How to weave using paper

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If you are looking for ways to keep the kids busy in the school holidays or just looking for a new crafty idea, look no further... this article will show you how to paper weave, using bits and bobs from around the home, without the need for any fancy materials
What you'll need: 
Old magazines/A4 sized glossy leaflets
Scissors (children's size if doing this with kids)
Sticky tape
A4 paper of any type/colour - copier paper, craft paper, etc will do
To make your loom, take your piece of A4 paper and fold in half, so you end up with an A5 sized piece of paper.
Keep the paper folded, then take your ruler and draw lines straight up the page, from the fold to the edge of the paper. The lines should be at regular intervals, e.g. 2cm between each line
Keeping the paper folded, draw a line straight across the paper, at the open side (opposite the fold). The line should be about 2 cm from the edge of the paper. This will act as a guideline to show you where to stop cutting - we'll call it "Line A"
Begin cutting up the lines, from the fold and always stop when you reach Line A. Continue until you have cut slits along your original lines. Open your folded paper and you should have slits all the way across, but not too close to the edge of the paper.
Take your magazines/glossy leaflets and cut 2cm wide strips. Make sure the strips are long enough to span the width of your loom, with a little extra at each side.
Choose a strip and begin weaving across the loom - over the first, under the second, over the third, under the fourth... over, under, over, under until you reach the end. Push the strip as far up the loom as it will go.
Next choose another strip, but this time do the opposite of the last strip, i.e. under, over, under, over, under, over, until you reach the other side
Repeat steps 6 and 7 alternating the sequence of the weaving
Once you have filled your loom, fold each strip backwards at the ends on either side and sticky tape the ends down to hold them in place
You can use your weaving as a stand alone piece of artwork for the wall or you could wrap and stick it around a Potato Snack tube to create a handy tub for pens and crayons
Try cutting wavy slits instead of straight ones, when making the loom - the result will be an "Op Art" style piece of weaving
Take care
Children should always be supervised by an adult when using scissors
Experiment with different types/sizes of paper to create different effects
Try varying the thickness of the strips for another interesting effect
Also try varying the colour of the strips


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