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How to wallpaper a room

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Fancy brightening up your house with a bit of DIY? Changing the wallpaper in a room is a good place to start, and this guide teaches you how to do just that, without having to pay for a decorator.
What you'll need: 
Wallpaper paste and brush
Long table
Dry cloth
Cut your first length of paper to around the height of the wall, making sure to leave a few inches extra both at the top and bottom. Use this piece to determine how many lengths you will need. Place the sheet against the wall, flush with the edge of the room, and make a pencil mark at the point it comes to (width-wise). Move the sheet along and, starting from the pencil mark, measure the next section. Repeat for the whole room.
Cut all of your lengths of wallpaper, using the first sheet as a guide. Mix some wallpaper paste in a bucket.
Lay the first sheet on a table and apply an even layer of paste to the entire reverse side of the paper (i.e. the one that will face the wall). Fold about a third of the paper in on itself (paste to paste); this will make it easier to move to the wall. Leave for around 5 minutes.
Press the pasted sheet onto the wall and slide into place so that it is flush with the edge of the room. Remember to leave a few inches overlap at the top. At this point, it is best to have two people working. One should hold the paper in place on the wall whilst the other unravels the fold in order to stick it down.
Check that the piece is straight, then firm the paper down with a dry cloth, pushing out any air pockets in the process.
Finally, trim the top and bottom to size.
Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each sheet, making sure that each piece is flush to the one next to it, but not overlapping.
If you come to a lightswitch, make a hole in the paper over the centre of the switch, then make a cut to each corner. Firm the paper down and trim the excess.
Make all cuts in the paper to accommodate objects such as radiators whilst the paper is on the wall, not before.
If the wallpaper you are using is patterned, be careful to align the pattern as you go.
Do not over- or under-paste the paper, about half a centimetre (one fifth of an inch) covering will suffice.


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