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How To Walk Gracefully In High Heels

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High heels are not to be feared. Watching those models at a fashion show strut their stuff on the catwalk can make you think they are super human, and you feeling dispirited. Just remember, all models were at one time high heel virgins. But, you can master walking in high heels and do it gracefully. If you are wobbling around or stomping around in a pair of lovely high heels, then these tips will help you to gain your confidence to walk around in high heels. There is no point in having high heels, if you can’t walk properly in them or you are afraid to even put them on, this will be a total waste of good shoes. So, slip on those high heels and start learning to walk gracefully in your high heels.
What you'll need: 
High heel shoes.
Wedges (optional)
Thick heeled shoes (optional)
Boots (optional)
Get the fit right. Make sure that the shoes fit your feet properly, if it’s too loose or too tight you won’t walk properly in them. If they are uncomfortable and you can’t walk in them, don’t buy them, no matter how gorgeous they look.
Start with small high heels. If you’ve never worn heels before, start with small or thicker heels, this will make you feel more secure. Consider wearing boots with similar heels. When you have mastered walking in them you can move on to wedges, which have the heels attached to the shoes and come in many heights. It will get your feet used to walking to a steep angle and give you more support and broader heel. After, you’ve gained your confidence with these heels, you can move on to stiletto heels, also called Spike Heels. Start with 3-4 inches of stiletto heels to get the feel of walking in high heels, after that you can gauge the height level you are comfortable with.
Good posture. You’d think that by wearing heels that your body requires you to be all over the place. But, it actually requires you to be balanced and in a straight position. So, stand up straight, stomach in, backside out, shoulders back chest out and head held high. This balanced posture will aid you to walk gracefully in heels.
Step on ball of your feet. Don’t step toe to heel. Put your leg out in front; place your heel down and shift your weight to the ball of your feet. In other words walk in a heel to toe motion, this will give you a better balance and better weight distribution. Stepping on the balls of your feet, will make you walk more light footed, as if you are tip toeing.
Keep your legs together. As you walk keep your legs close together, don’t bend your knees anymore than you naturally would when you walk. Each step should be in a straight, determined and confident stride.
Take small steps and swing the hips. You will find that wearing heels makes you take smaller steps. So go with the motion, take small steps and swing your hips. You will find that as you walk in high heels that your hips will start to sway as you walk. Go with the motion of your hips swaying. Also, allow your arms to swing in a relaxed movement at your side; it will add balance as you walk.
Place foot in front of the other. Step by placing your foot in front of the other, in other words walks as if you are walking on a straight line. Walk back and forth slowly until you get used to walking in heels. As your confidence grows your strides will get larger and faster, don’t rush just take your time.
Practice often. Last but not least, it’s just a matter of practicing as often as you can. Practice walking in front of a mirror, so you can see how you look as you walk. Practice on different surfaces like low carpets (not the shaggy type); walk on wooden floors, slippery floors and outside. Take short trips to your local supermarket to get used to walking in heels outside of your home. You can also use the shopping trolley to walk round and to keep your balance.
Remember, these tips can also be used for walking in any shoes. It’s all about the posture and confidence. Also, heels don’t have to be worn only on special occasions. As you walk in high heels more often, your balance and skill to wear them will come naturally to you. Have fun Strutting!
If you are walking down the stairs, hold unto a railing and place your whole foot on each step as you go down. If you are going up, place the ball of your foot on each step as you step up.
Try and avoid really flimsy or backless high heels. Going for a sandal with an ankle strap will give your ankle more support.
If you are feeling friction or pressure in your shoes, you can stick cushioning inside your shoes to make it more comfortable.
Walking in heels all the time can lead to severe back pain and damaged feet
Don’t drive in high heels; bring a pair of flat shoes to drive in.


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