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How to use Twitter

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Twitter themselves describe their service as an information network, others have described it as a social network or a microblogging website. Whichever way you look at it though, it is designed for you to write short messages or "what's happening", commonly known as Tweets. These messages are broadcast to all of the other Twitter users who choose to follow you. Meanwhile you will be displayed the messages of people you choose to follow. This guide assumes that you have already signed up with Twitter and have an active account.
What you'll need: 
Twitter account
The first step, before you can get started with Twitter is to sign in to your account. You sign in to Twitter by clicking on the Sign in link at the top right hand side of A pop up box will open and here is where you enter your username or email and password. These would have been set on signup. You can check the remember me option and you will remain logged in to Twitter even if you leave the site.
Once you have signed in you are taken to your Twitter home page. Here you can read a list of messages from the people you follow.
To leave your own "What's happening?" simply type your thoughts or news into the box at the top of this page. Remember you cannot post a message that is longer than 140 characters long. When you have finished your message you should click on the Tweet button to broadcast your new message or Tweet.
To follow people on Twitter you will need to click on the Find people link on the top right menu bar. This link leads to a searchbox where you can search for users that you wish to follow.
After you have searched for someone you can follow them by clicking on the + icon, a tooltip will popup asking you if you wish to follow that user. there are various other actions you can perform to find out more about each user too.
If you click on the settings link, on the menu bar, you are able to personalise your account by adding a profile picture, a new colour scheme and background image and also change your personal details and, by clicking on Notices, you can change the amount and type of communication you receive from users.
Once you have finished posting Tweets or changing your settings you can sign out by clicking on the Sign Out button at the far end of the top right menu bar.
Remember you can only write upto 140 characters in each Tweet.
You can shorten any links you place in your messages by using a url shortener.


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