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How To Use Stick-On Body Jewellery To Create A Fake Body Piercing

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If you dream of having a piercing but don’t want share in the pain, then you’ll love fake body jewellery. Stick-on jewellery is great for trying out a piercing look before your commit yourself. You can also use it to just have fun and create a different look for the day. Stick-on jewellery is easy to apply and you can be really creative with it. If you don’t know about stick-on jewellery, there are a few ideas below on how to use them and what body glue to use if needed.
What you'll need: 
Stick-on jewellery
Eyelash glue (optional)
Bindi which means a small drop or dot is a decoration applied on the middle of the forehead near the eyebrow. It’s usually worn by women and girls from South Asia. The wearing of the bindi has spiritual meanings behind it. But, in the western world it has been made popular into a fashion statement by celebrities like Madonna and Julia Roberts. You can get stick-on bindis designs that you just peel off and place on a smooth and clean skin. There as so many designs now that you’ll be spoilt for choice. They are so decorative and sparkle in a multitude of colours. You can wear these stuck on your forehead or any part of your body. These are also great if you do belly dancing because you can use them to decorate your belly button without piercing. The decorating doesn’t have to end here. You can use them for a sparkle effect or body adornment for a party. You can buy bindi from craft shops or online stores.
There’s the ordinary stick-on jewellery which has equally beautiful designs. You apply as above on clean and smooth skin. You can be as decorative as you want, because there are stick-on gemstones. You could create a jewelled design from stick-on gemstones and create a flower design. There are stick-on jewels that can be stuck on the nose to look like a real piercing. The list is endless and they can be used to decorate items like your mobile for example. The stick-on gems can be decorative features around your ears without piercing.
Non piercing fake belly rings without backing adhesive, are versatile because you can use them many times over. There are non piercing body jewellery that are made from Swarovski Crystals which can be glued on the body with eyelash glue or non-toxic body glue. These body jewels are designed to make the jewels look real but no piercing is required to wear them. The back of the belly button is applied with glue and pressed into the belly button for a while. Make sure the skin area you stick it on is clean.
There’s also the option of using clip on belly rings. These have the advantage of not having to mess around with any glue. The only thing is that you have to position the clip well. If you don’t do it well you will feel a twinge of pain. The key is to position that back clasp up and into the navel. Position the ring as close to the middle as you can and then release the front clasp to clamp together with the back clasp. It does actually stay on if done properly. It’s really done to preference whether to wear a fake belly ring with glue or with a clip. There are clip on nose rings for those who don’t want a pierced nose.
As you can see there are many options available, to adorn yourself in jewellery without piercing. You can change your styles and designs as often as you like. You can use more than one body jewellery to make it look like you have a double piercing. You just need to use your imagination and have fun using them.
You can buy body jewel kits at craft shops or online stores.
If you are sticking gems unto the body use non toxic body glue.
To remove glued on body jewels you can use a non toxic glue remover.


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