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How To Use a Rawl Plug

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Rawl plugs are an essential piece of equipment for anyone mounting heavy objects or working with relatively soft wall materials. Either plastic or metal, rawl plugs increase the grip of screws considerably.
What you'll need: 
Rawl plug
Screwdriver (flat-head/Phillips)
Drill and appropriate bits
Rawl plugs work by increasing the strength of the hold of screws when attached to any hard surface. They are often used when working with materials such as dry wall as screws can easily work themselves loose and pull out of the wall.
Using the drill and appropriate drill bit, make the necessary holes in the wall. The holes should be large enough for the rawl plug to fit snugly into the wall.
Place the screw at the entrance of the rawl plug. Using either a screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, turn the screw until sufficiently deep for your intended purpose. The rawl plug will expand and increase the screw's hold in the wall.
Cheap, simple to use and easy to find, rawl plugs ensure any wall fixing is stable and secure.
Be careful not to make the initial hole larger than the rawl plug itself. The plug should just fit into the hole.


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