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How to use Ping, Apple's social network for iTunes.

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Apple have just released iTunes 10 and with it is comes a new "Social Network" for music which they have called Ping, not to be confused with golf clubs or blogs. According to Apple: "Ping lets you follow your favorite artists to see what they’re up to, check out photos and videos they’ve posted, see their tour dates and read comments about other artists and albums they’re listening to". It represents a bit of a new direction for Apple, So how does Ping work and what can you do with it? I will attempt to explain all. Bear in mind that this service is new and likely to change over time.
What you'll need: 
iTunes 10
your computer
Firstly you will need iTunes 10, this is the latest version (at the time of publication), if you already have iTunes then this should be upgraded automatically next time your Apple software upgrades. If it doesn't then you should go to and download it.
Once you have the latest version of iTunes, you will need to click on the Ping button on the far right of the top menu. Here you will be able to follow your favourite artists by clicking on the artists Follow button. This will give you access to lots of information about the artist, such as galleries of photos and what music they like.
You can also find and follow your friends, Apple say that you can do this by using Facebook Connect. But currently it looks like you have to search for your friends and you can only connect with them if they have registered. Following your friends means you can see what music they like and things like if they are going to any concerts, if they have provided that information.
The recent activity feed provides a summary of all the latest activity from your followed artists and friends on Ping.
As the service is currently new this provides a quick guide to what you can do at present. I am sure they will add more features as it grows and is used by more people.


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