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How To Use A Hot Glue Gun

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A hot glue gun is an essential equipment to have if you are a crafting enthusiast. It can widen your crafting possibilities and glue together many surfaces permanently. It can be used on materials ranging from fabric, paper and lace to metal and wood. You just need a glue stick which will act as the adhesive. Hot glue guns come in various sizes and the prices are affordable. You can start with a mini sized hot glue gun if you’ve never used one before.
What you'll need: 
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Foil or paper
Types of hot glue guns: You can buy hot glue guns from hardware stores or from online sites like eBay. There are different types of hot glue guns for various projects. There are low temperature hot glue guns which is ideal for delicate materials. There are high temperature glue guns which are ideal for bonding wood or metal. There are also hot glue guns which have both temperature settings. It’s best to stick with a low temperature hot glue gun to start with and it’s ideal for projects around the home. There are cordless hot glue guns which are wonderful but can be expensive and some require batteries or rechargeable ones are available. The glue gun has a barrel hole at the back; this is where the glue stick is pushed in.
Trigger-fed or push-fed glue guns: Also consider whether you want your glue gun to be trigger-fed or a push fed model. The push-fed glue gun requires you to manually push the glue stick in the barrel part as you work; it’s great for school projects. The trigger-fed glue gun only requires you to insert the glue stick into the barrel. As you push the glue gun trigger the glue stick gets pushed forward into the heater part and melts the glue through the nozzle part.
Types of glue stick:. The glue stick is solid glue which melts when inserted into a heated glue gun barrel hole. The melted glue flows from the metal tip of the glue gun nozzle. There are various types of glue sticks and sizes. Most glue stick sizes start from 4 inches. The glue stick comes in various colours which are great for matching the project you are working on. There are clear glue sticks which are useful for bonding fabrics. If you want an interesting glue to work with you can use glitter glue sticks. Glitter glue sticks can come in handy for images or words on mugs for example.
High or low temperature glue sticks: There are glue sticks in low or high temperature glue sticks to match your glue gun temperature type. But you can get multi temperature glue sticks. This means you can use them in either a low or high temperature glue gun. Remember that low temperature hot glues dry quicker than high temperature hot glues. It just means you have to work quickly when using low temperature hot glues. You can use glue sticks to bond shells, paper shapes, felt shapes, beads, pine cones, fabric, wood, stone and endless other materials.
Using the hot glue gun: It’s always best to lay a piece of paper or foil down under the glue gun. As the glue gun heats up, it might dribble glue down the nozzle. The melted glue can be caught on the paper or foil and your work surface can be saved from glue as well. Plug in the hot glue gun and place on its stand on the foil. It should take your glue gun 5-10 minutes to heat up. Insert the glue stick into glue gun barrel. To test if glue gun is fully heated, gently squeeze the glue gun trigger and if glue flows from the nozzle it’s ready to be used.
Applying the hot glue: Squeeze the trigger gently as you draw a thin line of glue on the side of the material to be glued. If your glue gun doesn’t have a trigger, just press the glue stick in with your finger or thump as you apply the glue to your material. Press your material firmly together and hold for 15-20 seconds.
Remove your hand from the glued material and see if it stays stuck together. The glue should set and cool in about a minute. Leave the material to completely bond into the glue. Once material is bonded you can use it as you please.
The hot glue gun is a very useful tool to own and can save you a lot of time when creating or mending things. If you take good care of your hot glue gun it will last you for many years. You can get industrial hot glue guns, but it’s best to get used to standard type glue guns until you are confident in using a glue gun.
Always check that there are no cracks or damages to your glue gun. If there is any damage don’t use it.
Always keep your glue gun in an upright position when not using and turn it off if it’s not being used.
You can wear protective hand gloves when using a heated glue gun.
Don’t allow the nozzle part to touch any part of your skin and don’t touch hot glue. You can get serious blisters or burns from hot glue.


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