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How To Use Confused Website For Credit Card Acceptance

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The comparison website has launched a credit card checker tool. The tool lets you see how likely you’ll be accepted for a particular credit card before you actually make an application. It’s free to use at the moment and it’s simple to use the tool. It also has the added benefit of not leaving a search footprint which can sometimes be damaging to ones credit profile. The credit card checker tool goes well with the Card Matcher tool which is currently on; it works in a similar way as the credit card checker. The only difference is that it’s useful for people who don’t know what card they want but they know what card features they want. For example, you can use it to find out which cards have an offer of 0% balance for your credit profile.
What you'll need: 
Internet connection
Upload your internet browser and type in into the search engine. Once site is loaded, you should click the credit cards link which will be under the Money tab section of the site.
It will load up images of credit cards that can be compared, but we are not comparing credit cards today. Scan through the listed credit cards to find the card you want to check for pre-application.
Once you’ve found your card, you need to click the part that says Am I likely to be accepted? After clicking, a little window page titled Card Checker Tool will appear and a brief outline of the tool will be on it. An image of the credit card you want to apply for will be shown on there as well, with the words Checking on Virgin Credit Card (for example).
Click on Check my chances. You will next see the second window page pop-up with the Virgin Credit Card image (for example) and the same words as above Checking on Virgin Credit Card. You’ll also see fields below the image for you to fill in your personal details. This is where you have to be as honest as possible to get the full benefits of this tool.
Once personal details are completed, click See my results. It will then give you a rating out of 10 on how likely your application will be accepted for that particular card. You can then decide whether to go for it or not. Also, if you are unlikely to get the credit card it will show you other credit cards that are more suitable for you. If you have the correct credit scoring for you card it will show other credit cards which may have better deals. That’s all you need to do to use the credit card checker tool.
The credit card checker is great for checking what credit cards you can apply for, without worrying about your credit profile being affected badly. If you want to use the Card Matcher tool it’s on the same page as the listed credit card for comparing. It’s right above it next to a traffic light image. It has two pop-up window pages as above. You tick which credit card feature you want and fill in your personal details for credit card results.
If know you have good credit scoring, you can apply for your chosen credit card directly from the credit card compare list.


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