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How to use a compass to follow a bearing

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One of the main functions of a compass is to identify the direction of travel having been given a bearing to follow. For example, you have arrived at a checkpoint and now need to travel North East at 40 degrees.
What you'll need: 
A compass (the plastic see-through hiking type is recommended)
Look at the compass where the arrow on the base plate meets the circular housing. There is a small index line beneath the ring of numbers. When the ring of numbers is turned, the index line is the point where measurements (bearings) are taken or set by reading or placing the numbers.
Turn the compass housing ring (of numbers) until the desired direction is aligned with the index mark. In this example, the number 40 is directly above the line.
Rotate the entire compass until the red part of the needle is perfectly aligned with the North (N) indicator (it will sit ‘inside’ the arrow marked on the bottom of the housing).
Look at the arrow on the base plate of the compass.
Go that way!
This basic method of orienting yourself is a fundamental part of identifying your position and the direction of your onward travel.
You can clarify your position by comparing visible landmarks with identification marks on the map, such as churches, cliffs, railway lines, pylons, and so on.
Magnetic North, as indicated by a compass, is slightly adrift of True North and Grid North (map vertical) and is always shifting by tiny amounts. Good maps will provide information to allow for this adjustment. In general though, over short distances this issue is not one to worry about.


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