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How to use a compass to decide which way to go

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One of the main functions of a navigational compass is to identify the direction of travel or where an object is. If you know where you are but aren't sure which way to go from there, you just need to orient your map and you'll be on your way...
What you'll need: 
A compass (the plastic see-through hiking type is recommended)
A map (In the UK, Ordnance Survey maps are recommended for walkers)
Align the North (N) indicator on the compass dial with the arrow on the main body.
Hold the map flat so that the area you are in is visible.
Put the compass on the map with its long side aligned to any of the printed vertical grid lines.
Turn the map, with compass, until the red part of the compass needle is aligned with the North (N) indicator.
Your map is now matching the orientation of the land you are now standing on. If you can see where you want to get to on the map, you can see which way to go from where you stand.
Using this simple orientation method you should be able to easily identify which path to take, which hill to aim for or which direction you need to move along a road.
You can clarify your position by comparing visible landmarks with identification marks on the map, such as churches, cliffs, railway lines, pylons, and so on.
Knowing your location and using this method, you can identify the direction of travel needed to reach a targeted location, landmark or object even if not visible in the landscape.
Always follow designated paths wherever they exist; you're not a crow :)


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