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How To Use Chopsticks

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Using chopsticks is not as tricky as it looks. Once you learn the techniques to using chopsticks you’ll be using them to eat most things. You can get all kind of chopsticks on offer these days. There are plain wooden chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks and plastic or ceramic chopsticks. Some chopsticks are decorated so elaborately and carved into a work of art. But if you’ve never used chopsticks before it’s best to stick to bamboo or wooden chopsticks. You’ll find them less slippery when trying to eat with them for the first time. You can buy chopsticks at Asian stores or from online sites.
What you'll need: 
Take one chopstick and hold it like you are holding a pen. Make sure you are holding it a third way down from the end of the chopstick.
Pick the second chopstick and put it against your ring finger, hold it with the base of your thumb. The second chopstick should be in line with the first chopstick.
Use your thumb and ring finger to move the tip of the first chopstick up and down. The second chopstick will remain still as you move the tip of the first one to touch the tip of the second chopstick. This is the motion you will use to pick food up and hold it between the chopsticks.
Try picking food up using this technique and grab food between the chopsticks. Just remember the second chopstick is kept still and the first chopstick is doing the opening and closing around the food. Keep the food balanced in between chopsticks and bring up to your mouth.
When using chopsticks it’s important that it feels comfortable in between your fingers. You can hold the chopsticks in the middle rather than near its bottom end. As you get more confident, you can move your hand further down the bottom end of the chopstick. It’s best to eat chunky food like thick vegetables for example when using chopsticks for the first time. When you are more confident with using chopsticks you can then eat smaller sized food like rice. Before you know it, you’ll have other people asking you to show them how to use chopsticks.
Try to eat your meals with chopsticks for a week to get used to them.
Don’t cross your chopstick over into an X shape. You’ll find it hard to pick up food when placed like this.
You can also get an assist tool for chopsticks. It’s a device that is attached near the chopstick ends which will keep chopsticks at the required distance and help to balance them between your fingers. It can help you with opening and closing the chopsticks.


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