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How To Use A Cherry Pitter

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A cherry pitter is a useful tool which removes pits from your olives and cherries. It’s ideal when you are baking or preserving and saves all of time. It also removes the pit from olives and cherries without destroying the fruit. There are three types of cherry pitters, there’s the clamp pitter, handheld pitter and the tabletop pitter. You can buy a cherry pitter from kitchenware stores or online sites.
What you'll need: 
Cherries or olives
Cherry pitter
The clamped cherry pitter. The clamped cherry pitter is the traditional pitter that is non electrical. It’s usually clamped securely to the side of a table or work top. It will have a feeding tray which you fill with your cherries or olives. Check your machines instructions on how many fruits you can load at one time on the tray. There should be a long handle which you can plunge down and the machine automatically pits the fruits for you. A bowl is usually placed under the pitting part to catch the fruit. Nowadays, most models will have a plastic container attached at the bottom which will catch the pitted fruit.
The tabletop pitter. The tabletop pitter is similar to the clamp pitter, the only difference is that it can easily be moved around and placed anywhere. This type of cherry pitter can pit from 4 or up to 15 in one time in some pitter makes. You just fill the automatic feeder tray with fruit and it will have a plunger that is pushed down which will force the pit out into a container. You may need a bowl to catch the fruits once it’s pitted. The most popular make of this type of pitter is called the Cherry Chomper or Cherry Stoner. It’s shaped into a smiley happy man and you feed the cherry or olive into his mouth and push down on his head and the fruit is pitted. This one can safely be used by children and they will have fun using it.
The handheld cherry pitter. The handheld cherry pitter usually has two handles and a long metal shaft that pits the fruit. Some makes have a small container attached which catches the juice and stone. You can only pit one fruit at a time with this type and It feels like you are using a hole punch. Hold the handheld cherry pitter over the bowl. Put the cherry in between the pitter hole and make sure it's in the centre. Squeeze the two handles together and this will push the pit out through the hole. The most popular brand from the handheld pitter is the Oxo Good Grips Cherry Pitter, which has non-slip handles and a container attached to catch the pits and juice. The handheld pitter is the cheapest from all three types and is good for when you want to eat a few cherries.
Having a cherry pitter will help when you have to pit a large amount of cherries or olives. It’s down to personal choice on whichever type you find most useful to you. You can get industrial type cherry pitter, which can be very large and very expensive.
Make sure you remove stems from fruits before pitting.
Don’t wear anything white when pitting cherries, it can get stained easily.
If you are worried about staining your hands with cherry juice, you can wear plastic or rubber gloves.


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