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How To Use Black Light To Make Things Glow

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There are everyday items around the home that glow under black light, which is also called ultraviolet light. The reason some items glow under ultraviolet light is because, there is a lot of phosphorus in our everyday home items. We naturally have phosphorus in our fingernails and teeth for example. If you have fluorescent coloured items like highlighters and glow in the dark products, you’ll find they glow because of the phosphorus contained in them. You can buy a portable black light to see what glows in the dark under ultraviolet light. You can buy black light from lighting stores or online sites. Black light can be used to create fun tricks at parties or events. There are endless ways to use it. There are a few suggestions listed below to get your imagination thinking.
What you'll need: 
Black light
Petroleum jelly has a strange glow under black light. You can dip your finger into the jelly and write messages with it on paper or windows for example. The black light will light up the message but will disappear when light is removed. You could also make hand prints with the jelly on surfaces around the home. This can be put to great use for Halloween parties for example.
You use highlighter pens to write messages or to draw images. When it’s under the black light the fluorescent ink colour glows. This can work really well if you want to create spooky images on walls.
White fabric glows under black light because of the brighteners added to soap powders. You could use white sheets to add a nice glow effect around your furniture. You can also use white string to create a spider web design around your home. This can be very handy for Halloween parties.
You can use tonic water in your drinks and ice for a glowing effect on your drinks under black light. Make sure the tonic water contains quinine, which will make it fluorescent under black light. Don’t forget to make your jelly with tonic water for a spooky glow.
You can also get fluorescent light carpets and rugs. These are really cool to have for big party events and have nice designs.
If you want to add a really starry effect to your decorations without painting, you can stick glow in the dark stars over you curtains and surfaces. This will really dazzle your guests and your home will look out of this world. Stick them on surfaces that stickers can be easily removed after the party has finished.
You can create a fantasy world with many things that glow under black light. Use your imagination and you can create a different look for your home at night.
There are small portable black lights that you can attach on your key ring.


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