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How To Use And Apply Ultraviolet Body Paint

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Ultraviolet body paint will glow under ultraviolet (UV) light or black light. This body paint is ideal for nightclubs, night festivals, Halloween parties, children’s birthday parties and just for having fun at home. Once you know how to use and apply ultraviolet body paint, your imagination will run wild with designs.
What you'll need: 
Ultraviolet body paint
Black light
Ultraviolet body paint is technically known as phosphorescent paint. This means it glows faintly in the dark because of added particles which are activated. It comes in several colours like purple, green, orange, blue and yellow. The glowing effect can last up to 10 hours once painted on the body. But there are some that will only last for a few minutes, so always check the quality of the paint.
To create designs for the body, you should get creative and use simple designs to start with. You can even use stencils if you have to and use shapes like stars or butterflies to decorate.
You can apply ultraviolet paint like any other body paint. You just use a brush or your fingers and a black light to see how your design will look under black light. The more paint that you apply the more it will glow. Wait for paint to dry before you apply another coat. Quality paints won’t crack or flake. Each brand of glow paint will have different drying times, but most paints should dry 10-15 minutes. Remember you must activate the paint with light to get the glowing effect.
Let it dry properly before touching. You can go and party now.
You can use soap and water to remove ultraviolet body paint from your body.
Using ultraviolet body paint can be fun and it will make you stand out in dark. Just be creative and experiment with colours and designs.
You can buy ultraviolet body paints from costume shops or from online stores.
You could create a glow in the dark fake tattoo with ultraviolet body paint as well.
You can use glow in the dark body glitter to add a sparkling glow to your design.
Always read and follow the instructions that come with your body paint.
Make sure you are buying body paint and not fabric paint.
Do a patch test to check you don’t have any allergic reactions to the paint.


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