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How to upload photos to facebook

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With facebook having emerged as the most popular social networking site, and one which works wonders in connecting dispersed relatives and long lost friends, it has proved essential to know your way around it. Uploading photos is an especially significant part of the sharing and connecting aspect which facebook is built upon, so its handy to know how to confidently build up a catalogue of albums of your favourite shots.
What you'll need: 
A computer/laptop
Your designated photos, which have been uploaded to your computer/laptop
A facebook account
When you log in to your facebook account your "news feed" will come up; this is your homepage. To create photo albums which you will upload your photos into, you need to be on your profile as you want your albums to appear there. Therefore, to switch to view your profile, select the "Profile" button in the top right hand corner.
You are now on your profile. Under your name at the top centre, a number of tabs will be listed horizontally. Clicking them will enable you to switch between different pages on your profile, e.g. your wall, info page and photos page. Click on the tab entitled "Photos".
This page will display any photos you have uploaded yourself (at the bottom, displayed in albums), or any photos that others have uploaded that you are in (towards the top). To create your first album simply click the button at the top right of this page (i.e. under the tabs which list the different pages (wall, info photos, etc.)) This will then take you to a simple step-by-step process.
Fill in the details and select who you want to view the album from the drop down menu. Click "Create Album": simple.
You will then be asked to upload some photos to this album. Before you proceed with this step, it may be useful to know exactly where the photos are located on your computer. Then click "select photos": a new window will open containing a view into all of your documents and pictures stored on your computer: simply browse through and select your first appropriate photo. The window will automatically close, and you can continue to add more by pressing "Select Photos" again.
When you have selected all of your photos for that album, click "Upload Photos" and a progress bar will appear, showing the progress of your upload. Wait until the page refreshes; this will happen automatically when the upload is complete.
The refreshed page will display your photos down the right hand side. Under each photo there is a button to select which one you wish to be the album cover- you can select one. If there are people in the photo who have facebook, you can tag them in it, which means the photo will appear on their profile. To do this simply hover over the relevant photo- the cursor will change to a cross- select the relevant person and click. A list of your friends on Facebook will appear- type in their name and the list will filter. When their name crops up, check the box to the left of it. This person will now be tagged in the photo. You can also caption the photo- type in the box entitled "Caption" to the left of the photo. When you have finnished editing and tagging, scroll to the bottom and select "Save Changes". A small window will then pop up asking if you want to publish your photos to your profile- select "Publish" and these will now appear as an album on your profile and your album will appear on your Facebook friends' news feeds. The page will automatically refresh to a view of the album.
When selecting who can view each album, think carefully- you may not want anyone and everyone being able to view an album which contains photos of minors.


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