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How to upgrade your PC from Windows Vista to Windows 7

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Microsoft have recently introduced their latest operating software, called Windows 7. This is the next version after Vista, and one of the best ways of getting Windows 7 is to upgrade, this is because you will not lose any of the Vista files or programs already installed on your computer. Most of the programs and services that run on Vista will work on Windows 7. You can follow the steps in this How To guide to upgrade your computer to Windows 7.
What you'll need: 
A Windows Vista PC
A Windows 7 upgrade CD
The Internet
The first thing is to make sure all your programs will run on Windows 7. Microsoft have a handy little tool which you can run called the Windows 7 upgrade advisor (link below), which will tell you if everything on your PC meets the requirements of Windows 7.
Make sure your PC is connected to the internet, update your anti-virus software and then turn it off. Remember to turn your anti-virus software back on at the end of the upgrade process.
Find your 25-character Windows 7 product key, this will be on the upgrade CD or in your upgrade email from Microsoft, if you bought the upgrade online.
Insert your Windows 7 upgrade disc into the PC. Click the Windows Start button, then the Computer button on the menu, select the disc drive and double click on setup.exe to run the upgrade.
A Windows install page will open, click Install Now.
When it asks you to get important updates make sure you do to keep your software up to date.
Read and accept the licence terms by clicking on the checkbox, and then click Upgrade when it asks you what type of installation you require.
Continue to follow the instructions through the upgrade process.
You should now have upgraded to Windows 7 on your computer. Run the Windows Update to look for the latest version of your drivers and other software.
Make sure your computer is running Vista service pack 1 or 2 before starting.
remember to switch back on your anti-virus software and upgrade it to run with Windows 7.
You cannot upgrade from a 32bit version to a 64bit version. Check your version before installation.
You cannot upgrade from a higher version of Vista to a lower version of Windows 7 without losing your data.


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