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How to turn XL shirts into a girl's size

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It happens sometimes when you see a t-shirt with a great logo, but it happens to be in only man sizes! Here’s a way to turn it into a simple tank-top which will fit your figure.
Take the t-shirt and lay it on a flat surface. Make sure there are no creases.
Start cutting one centimeter before the seam of the sleeve vertically down all the way to the end of the shirt in one straight line. Have no fear!
Turn the shirt inside out.
Grab around three to four needles (depending on the size of the shirt).
Join the two cut sides together with a needle below the armpit - leaving some space for the arm to go through.
Then keep joining the two sides with the rest of the needles all the way down the side, so you know where to follow the line when you’re sewing.
Start sewing the shirt from the top (this being the first needle below the armpit).
When you’ve reached the bottom of your shirt, make a tight knot with the remaining thread so it won’t come apart!
Repeat process with the other side of the shirt.
You can always cut off the neck line if you want to make the shirt girlier. Just make sure that whilst cutting you do not cut up any logos!


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