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How to turn a webcam into CCTV

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If you've ever shopping for CCTV equipment you'll know how expensive it can get! But if you've got a computer and a cheap webcam you don't even need it. This how-to will explain how to make your own budget CCTV system. We're going to use a website called which will host your video and let you monitor it. The benefits of putting the video online is the ability to view it from any computer online.
What you'll need: 
A USB webcam
A computer
An internet connection
Connect and install your webcam.
Create an account at (
After logging in click 'Record & Watch'. Then click 'Webcam'. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Download Ugolog for Windows Now'. Or click here to download the software directly:
Install the Ugolog software and login to it using your Ugolog account details.
You'll see the view of your webcam. The red parts of the picture show the detected motion. By default, after 5 seconds of detected motion, Ugolog will start recording and uploading video to the Ugolog website.
To make sure it's all working, move around for a few seconds, open again and click 'Video'. If everything has gone to plan you should see a video of yourself. The time line below shows when motion was detected letting you quickly view it.
Note that Ugolog only give you 50MB for free per month and that extra storage will cost you. You might want to monitor somewhere other than the room your computer is in. My advise (and this is what I do) is to buy a super cheap laptop off ebay with wifi capability. This lets you put the webcam almost anywhere. You can also purchase almost any length of USB extension cable for your webcam.
Purchase a cheap laptop off ebay to be able to place the webcam anywhere
Purchase a 5 or 10 meter USB extension cable to extend your webcam


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