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How To Turn Old T-Shirts Into Headbands

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If you have old t-shirts that are piling up in your wardrobe and don’t know what to do with them - well, did you know you can recycle your old t-shirts into headbands? This is useful if you have a favourite t-shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore or you just love the t-shirt pattern. Also, you don’t need to sew to make this headband from your old t-shirts.
What you'll need: 
19 inch long by 2 ½ inch wide fabric cut from old t-shirt
Low temperature hot glue gun
Decorations (optional)
Lay the cut fabric down with the wrong side facing you. Heat up glue gun and apply a thin line of hot glue along the edges. Fold over glued fabric edges and press down firmly. This will create a neat edge.
Overlap one fabric end over the other end by at least 1 inch. Apply the hot glue under where the two fabrics ends overlap and press the fabric ends firmly.
If you want to add decorations, you can stick them on with hot glue to your headband at this point. After decorating with glue, let the glued parts cool down and set completely.
You can now wear your headband with pride.
This is a really cool way to recycle old t-shirts. Your headbands will be unique and can’t be brought from the shops. Just get ready for the offers you will get from friends and family for you to make them a t-shirt headband. This could very easily turn into a part-time money earner. Have fun making your headbands and be creative with them as well.
You can make the headband wider if you want.
You can adapt this headband and sew on elastic to join the fabric ends if you love sewing. This can add a decorative feature to the headband if you cover the elastic with the t-shirt fabric.


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