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How To Turn A Hooded Bathrobe Into A Simple Jedi Robe

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The brown Jedi Robe is famous from the movie Star Wars. It looks so cool and mysterious once the hood of the robe is covering the head. If you are a fan of all things to do with Star Wars you’ll know what I mean. But you can make your own Jedi robe for a costume or Halloween party and no sewing is needed. All you need is a bathrobe and dye to make this simple Jedi Robe.
What you'll need: 
Cotton hooded bathrobe
2 packets of brown fabric dye
Big bucket
Rubber gloves
The dyeing instructions will vary according to the brand of dye you buy. Put rubber gloves on and follow the mixing of the dye instructions on the back of the packet.
Once you’ve mixed your dye water in the bucket, you should wet the bathrobe in warm or hot water and put it in the dye water.
Stir and toss the bathrobe in the dye water constantly to get it evenly dyed. Do this regularly every few minutes for roughly 30-45 minutes.
Wearing your gloves, carefully take the bathrobe out of the dye water and pour dye water down the sink. Rinse bathrobe in warm water first and then colder water until the water is clear of dye.
Now time to wash the bathrobe as normal. Wash with washing detergent and water in washing machine or hand wash if you prefer.
Make sure the bathrobe is rinsed really well and hang it up to air dry or use a dryer.
Once bathrobe is dry, you can where it with the rest of your Jedi costume.
Brown is the preferred colour for a Jedi robe, but it can be difficult to find a brown bathrobe. But now you have the option of dyeing a bathrobe brown yourself. Choose a bathrobe with no pockets on the outside of the robe. It will have a more Jedi look about it and make sure the sleeves are long. Enjoy your Jedi robe and may the force be with you indeed.
Pick a bathrobe that is slightly big for you and it will give you a monkish kind of look.
If you buy a bathrobe with pockets you should remove the pockets before dyeing it.
Stick to light coloured bathrobes, they are easier to dye. No navy blues or black.


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