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How to treat yourself using Reiki

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Reiki is a form of spiritual practice, most often associated with a method of hands-on healing. While most practitioners would insist that the only way to become an accomplished Reiki healer would be through a degree program, most of us can draw benefit from a basic self-treatment without prior training. Try the following method if you feel in need of a lift!
What you'll need: 
A comfortable, upright chair
Choose a time where you can be undisturbed for at least twenty minutes, preferably an hour. Limit the opportunity for distractions (turn off the phone, put up a notice, etc.)
Sit down on your chair, keeping your back straight. Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply; imagine drawing the breath deeply into your abdomen. Hold your breath for one or two seconds before exhaling slowly. Repeat a few times until you are nice and relaxed.
Begin to imagine a golden energy (Reiki) flowing through you, permeating every organ and bathing every cell in your body. Take your time; don't rush.
Place flat - or slightly cupped - hands on any part of the body which you feel, consciously or intuitively, needs particular attention. Leave them in position for as long as you feel comfortable.
Repeat treatments regularly. Move on to using this method at less structured times (e.g. on the bus, at the supermarket, in the bath, etc.)
These steps are deceptively simple: the effectiveness of Reiki healing lies in the ability to allow energy to flow, rather than in actively attempting to 'do' anything. This comes with experience.
For further development, there are Reiki degree programs in most towns and cities.
Free taster sessions are often available at healing fayres or other mind, body, spirit events.
Reiki healing is a form of complementary medicine and should not be used as an alternative treatment for serious medical conditions


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