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How to treat mild acne (General treatment)

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There are many ways to treat acne as there are many causes of acne. This is a method that has made great improvements for me personally, so it worth giving it a shot. The treatment is an ongoing one, that is not only used to cure acne but to prevent it as long as it continually used. It is more of a lifestyle treatment which WILL have benefits on your acne. It has worked for me and it will hopefully work for you too!
What you'll need: 
Face wash product containing benzoyl peroxide
Healthy foods
The first step is dieting. You need to stop eating junk food, sweets and chocolate. Believe it or not, your diet directly effects your skin. You are what you eat. From this point on, you need to eat healthy foods low in dairy and fats. Eat vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, stick to the 5+ a day schedule. Instead of a doner kebab or chicken and chips buy a healthy sandwich or a salad.
What you drink also effects the condition of your skin. So again, if you drink lots of fizzy and sugary soft drinks, then it must stop. Instead, as the second step, aim to drink 2 litres of water a day. Have a bottle of water around with you all the time, wherever you go. Constantly take sips from it, even though it may mean frequent trips to the restroom! Also, feel free to treat yourself to fruit drinks with no added sugar every now and then but remember that water should be your main fluid intake.
Stress can also cause acne and since stress is caused by the humanly instinct of 'fight or flight' response, we must exercise to relieve ourselves of stress. The third step you must take is to have a plan of exercise. Not only will it keep you fit, but it will mean you have a good source of stress relief. You must however be physically active and this could mean finding a sport you like and begin playing it on a frequent basis. A short run every day or so, or pumping some weights does the job, so find something suitable for yourself. Explore the possibilities and stick to it!
At the end of the day, you should have ticked off step 1,2 & 3. However, you need to check off one more thing and that is to wash your face. Any face wash product such as Clearasil will do, as long as it has benzoyl peroxide in the ingredients. This is an important organic compound which removes acne.
All products usually have instructions on how to wash your face. It usually means wetting the face with cold water so that the body pumps warm blood to the face. This is followed by applying the face wash cream to the face and gently rubbing it in so that it forms a thin layer on the areas affected. You then wait for around 5 minutes before washing the cream away with warm water. This needs to be done at the beginning and end of the day, every day.
So your typical day should be waking up, washing your face, eating a nice healthy breakfast and drinking some cups of water. This should be followed by some exercise and more healthy foods. By the end of the day you should of drunk at least 2 litres of water. Before bed, wash your face once more. Carry this out for as long as it takes. When you notice improvement, carry on. Even when you notice your whole face has improved and the acne is gone, keep the treatment going. Don't expect to have amazing results straight away. I have kept this up for over a year and my skin only gets better and stays that way.
Be confident and keep up the treatment even if you do not notice improvements straight away
Try to change your lifestyle to a healthier one
If you are happy on the inside, your exterior self will improve
Do research on healthy foods as well as exercising tips!
Contact your GP for further advice
Do not go absolutely crazy with the diet and exercise. It should work with your lifestyle, not against it
Be gentle when washing your face
Do not irritate your skin or spots on your face, nearly never touch it
Do not pop your spots, this creates scars!


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