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How To Treat Blocked Sinuses Naturally

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Blocked, congested sinuses are a common and often extremely uncomfortable complaint. Myriad medications are available, many of which claim to reduce congestion and lessen the pain caused by sinus pressure. There are, however, natural remedies with which to treat sinus congestion.
What you'll need: 
Face cloth
Aromatherapy oils (Bergamot, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint)
Hot water
Saline solution/nasal irrigation system
Duster and vacuum
A natural approach to sinus congestion focusses primarily on prevention over cure. There are, however, numerous natural remedies and methods with which to tackle blocked, painful sinuses.
Nasal irrigation with a saline solution plays an important role in keeping sinuses clear. Done twice daily it can help to promote clear sinuses and nasal passages as well as treating congestion. Various nasal irrigation systems and sprays are available including SinuPulse, Netipot, Nasaline and Sanvic.
Placing a face cloth in hot (not too hot) water and placing it over your face can help to loosen mucus in the sinuses. Steam is particularly effective in treating congestion. A daily visit to the sauna can have the same effect.
A few drops of aromatherapy oil in a bowl of hot water will give off steam that can be inhaled and which will help to loosen mucus in the sinuses. Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Bergamot oils are all effective. Traditional remedy, Olbas is a mixture of oils that has been used for generations.
Staying hydrated is important when congested as dehydration and lack of moisture can worsen congestion and increase sinus pressure and pain.
Keeping your working, living and sleeping space clean and free of allergens can be a quick and surprisingly effective cure for congestion. Small particles can irritate the nose and sinuses, causing congestion.
Adding an extra pillow to raise your head while sleeping helps to prevent mucus pooling in the sinuses and can make a big difference when waking.
Natural sinus remedies are often cheaper, quicker and less likely to have negative side-effects than over-the-counter medications.


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