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How To Tone Up At Home

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Rather than spending time and money at the gym personal trainer and fat loss expert David Fletcher of Odyssey Fitness recommends the best toning exercises to do in the comfort of your own home.
What you'll need: 
Swiss ball
You could spend hours doing stomach crunches on the abdominal machine in the gym, but they will not be half as effective as this at-home alternative. Using a very simple piece of equipment from The Strength Company called the Superband (a giant rubber band). Attach it to the handle of a firmly closed door for maximum abdominal definition. Stand shoulder-width apart, away from the door until the Superband is taut and extend the arms straight in front with a slight bend i n the elbows, parallel to the floor and pull the band across the body in a horizontal movement before returning to the start position. Repeat this action up to 15 times, then switch hands and repeat on the other side of the body.
Using your own body weight as resistance for shaping your legs and bum, lunge jumps and squat jumps are recommended. For a Lunge Jump, stand with one leg forward and bend your back leg at the knee, jump up toward the ceiling and then land back at the starting position with the opposite leg forward. For the Squat Jump, start with feet shoulder-width apart, squat down as if you are about to sit on a chair and then jump up towards the ceiling with straight legs. Repeat up to 20 times per set.
Another great exercise for the lower body and bum, uses a Swiss Ball. Lie on your back and rest your feet on top of the Swiss Ball, lift your hips up to the ceiling and drag the ball in towards you in a controlled motion, contracting the muscles on the back of your legs and bum. Slowly return to the start position and repeat up to 10 times.
Use the Swiss Ball again to maximise your abdominal definition. Rest your forearms on the ball, bring your knees off the ground and keep your body still, and nudge the ball forward and back using your arms only.
se the stairs to help with body weight press-ups to shape the tops of your arms and shoulders. Stand at the bottom of the stairs and use the fourth step up so you are on a slight elevation. This makes the exercise slightly easier for those that cannot do a traditional flat-floor press-up.


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