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How To Writer Fillers and Readers’ Letters

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Magazines regularly use a number of fillers and readers’ letters and these can be a small, but lucrative way of boosting your income. Most fillers offer advice, hints or tips similar to the type of how-tos used by Howopia – readers letters often relate to topical subjects or refer to articles that have appeared in previous issues. Study some of the back issues to get a feel for each individual publication and the editor’s requirements.
Readers’ Letters pay anything from £5 to £50 for a ‘star’ letter and can be found in most publications from weekly magazines to monthly glossies.
Fillers of around 250 words can pay up to £150. These are not necessarily hints and tips, but can also be cherished memories or an amusing story. Some editors will request submissions for specific themes, such as seasonal poems, or the story behind a favourite song. See each magazine’s submission guidelines.
In a lot of instances, payment is in the form of gift vouchers or star prizes – some of which can be worth a lot of money. To help out with the personal finances, these prizes can solve family birthday and Christmas presents – and if you can’t find a use for them, they can always be sold on e-bay!
Like any form of creative writing, the success of submitting fillers and letters to magazines and newspapers depends largely on how well you get to know the publication. Make sure you read several current issues before sending material.


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