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How To Use Visualisation Techniques to Aid Relaxation

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Visualisation is the ability to free your mind of distracting thoughts in order to produce a relaxing scenario where stressful situations are banished. It is also an ideal technique for problem solving because the mind is cleared of all external pressures. This exercise will encourage mental calmness and help reduce physical tension.
What you'll need: 
A quiet room
A comfortable chair
Shut our distractions by finding a quiet, dimly lit room and ask your family or flat-mates not to disturb you for half and hour.
Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and sit in a high-backed armchair that will provide support for your head and back.
When you are comfortable, try to imagine a place where you would like to be. It could be a garden, woodland glade, a tropical island, lake, mountainside or beach. It may be somewhere you know, like a special room or building, or a product of your imagination.
Once you have chosen your ‘place’ let it build in your mind’s eye until you have an overall picture of the location.
Now begin to look at the details of your surroundings as though they were close enough for you to reach out and touch them.
Listen for the characteristic sounds of your ‘place’. These might include the droning of insects, bird song or the sound of a rippling stream. You may even smell the scent of your surroundings but these things take practice so don't expect instant results.
When you are ready to leave your ‘place’ withdrawn slowly until you are fully conscious of sitting in the chair in the dimly lit room. Have a hot drink and a sweet biscuit to complete the exercise – this is known as ‘earthing’.
Make a practice of visiting this special ‘place’ regularly and you will begin to benefit from this mental holiday.
Although visualisation isn’t a difficult technique to master, it may need several attempts before you can sustain the image in your mind’s eye for any length of time. The important thing is that you create a place where you feel happy and content. It is often during this type of relaxation exercise that we can receive a sudden flash of inspiration, or the solution to a problem that’s been bothering us for sometime. This is because we are clearing the mind of negative thoughts, and leaving the channels open for constructive thoughts to come through unhindered.


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