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How to update the software on your Android phone

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Mobile Phones running the Android operating system are fast catching up in popularity with those using Apple's IOS. A feature of Android is it's ability to let the user periodically update the internal software, thus keeping the phone completely up to date. Different makers of Android phones have various utilities to help you download updated software, but these usually need a PC, and can be tricky to set up. This update shows how you can use the phone itself to check for updates.
What you'll need: 
Mobile phone running Android, with a Wifi connection set up
Nearby Wifi access already linked to the phone.
Switch on the phone and unlock it using your usual method such as password, pattern, face recognition or just swiping.
Press the home key and then the menu key.
If you use an older version of Android such as Froyo or Gingerbread, select the option 'Settings' by touching the screen, or scrolling. Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) users should select 'System settings' by a similar method.
Scroll to where it says 'About phone' on your device, and select it.
In this screen, touch the words 'System update,' and the phone will start looking for any available updates.
The phone will either find an update, and download and install it, or display a message to the effect that no updates are available or that your system is up to date.
Android's commitment to keeping it's users' devices up to date is very refreshing, and the fact that the option is included within the software, makes it pretty easy too.
You can do this with a data connection via your phone's sim card, but the process will be much slower.
If the phone finds and begins to install updates, you must not interrupt the process in any way, as that could damage it.
Before starting this, check with your supplier if updating your phone this way affects your warranty.


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