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How To Understand The Divorce Process

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The first thing to understand is that there can be 3 different parts involved in a divorce:
There is the divorce itself – this is the easy bit. It’s usually just a paper exercise and should be straightforward. In fact recent changes to the documents used in divorces means that you should be able to do this bit yourselves if you want to. Go to the Court Service website, where you can download leaflets explaining the divorce process and all the necessary forms. Alternatively, read the Intelligent Divorce Guide to Divorce, written by two leading family lawyers.
There are then all the issues around the children that need sorting out. Thankfully most people are sensible enough to resolve these issues themselves and are able to put to one side their own feelings and prioritise the needs of the children. If you can’t sort out any children issues themselves then you should use family and friends to help, then use mediation - and view lawyers and the court system as the last resort.
The last part to sort out is the money. The major problem here from the outset is an absence of knowledge. Of course many people know (or think they know) that “a wife who has the children will always get more than the husband” or that “the courts like to divide things equally if they can”. However, whilst both these (inconsistent) statements are true, sometimes how do they, and the many other principles, fit together?
The obvious answer is you go to a lawyer who will help and advise you. Before that, you might wish to consider mediation or have a look at the Intelligent Divorce process.


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