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How To Turn a Man Off

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There are hundreds of articles advising on how to attract a man, or how to turn him on on, but very few detailing what exactly turns him off! During the research for WLTM: The Dating Game, the authors discovered that there were some surprising reasons why men didn’t come back for a second date. These were the top ten turn-offs …
Low cut or very revealing clothes, excessive tattooing and body-piercing, and cheap perfume. Simply put, for a large number of males, appearance really does count.
Women who give the impression that their wide circle of friends, dog/cat/horse, career, and a whole host of other interests come first. In other words, he’ll just have to take her as he finds her, or push off. No area of compromise.
Women who show more interest in a man’s life-style with a view to improving their own personal circumstances, rather than discussing mutual interests.
Poor table manners and flirting with the waiter.
Women who are aggressive and confrontational without any just cause.
A lack of humour and raucous laughter seem to rate about equal.
Talking about ex-lovers, partners or husbands.
Coarse language and/or conversation peppered with provocative words and statements. If gives the wrong impression the women only have themselves to blame if the chap tries his hand on the first day!
An obsession about pets is another area that men find off-putting. Dogs and cats that occupy bedrooms, chairs and sofas won’t be approved of by the majority of males. Mentioning that you enjoying dog walking is fine but a whole evening’s conversation devoted to a furry friend is definitely out!
The prospect of assuming responsibility for someone else’s children ... although single mums with toddlers seem to fare better than divorcees with teenagers still at home. Unless a man’s states openly that he likes children, don’t assume that he’ll be up for playing Happy Families and automatically think your kids are great.
There we have it … and it’s quite a list to think about. This appeared to be a general consensus of opinion from men from all different walks of life but on closer examination, there’s very little that women could really take exception to (see How To Turn A Girl Off). The authors also discovered that maturer men refuse to play mind games and are likely to be more honest about themselves than women of a similar age.
Conceal bitten fingernails
Keep off the onions or garlic
Be honest about yourself
If he’s turned off, you’re not going to turn him on again.


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