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How to turn off Google instant results

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Google is one of the best search engines, and is probably the most well known, and used.Google is set by default to give 'instant results' as you are typing in the search box.This may be distracting or may upset your search methods. This article will show you how to turn this option off, and only show results of your search when you are ready.
What you'll need: 
Web browser set to the Google search page. ( )
‘Google instants’ set as default.
On the Google search page, click on ‘search settings’ (top right of page)
On the new page, scroll down to 'Google Instant' (on left hand side)
Click the mouse pointer in the circle at the side of 'Do not use Google Instant'
This should switch the option from 'Use Google Instant'
Scroll either upwards, or downwards, to find the box marked 'Save Preferences', and click the mouse pointer in it.
A box now appears to tell you that your ‘preferences have been saved’.
Now you will be returned to the search page, with ‘Google Instant’ turned off.
This is a fairly simple procedure, so if you want to return to 'Instant Results', just repeat the above, but choose the 'instant results' option.


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