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How To Turn a Girl Off

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There may be hundreds of articles advising men on how to attract a girl, or how to turn her on, but very few say what exactly turns her off! During the research for WLTM: The Dating Game, the authors discovered that there were some revealing reasons why women weren’t available for a second date. These were the top ten turn-offs …
Dirty fingernails
Conceit and arrogance
Trying to impress over possessions/career
White or short socks
Double entendre and innuendo
Overpowering aftershave
Body odour
Parsimony (openly checking the bill)
Rotten or smoker's stained teeth
Using a napkin to blow nose and then putting on the plate
Compared to the top ten turn-offs for men (see How To Turn a Man Off) the strict ‘no-nos’ for women were more often based on appearances rather than personality or character. Nevertheless, no one wants to form a meaningful relationship with someone whose personal hygiene isn’t up to standard. Again, the more mature the lady, the less likely she is to be impressed by bragging and suggestive comments.
Get a lady friend to check you over before going out on a date.
A hefty application of deodorant/aftershave/cologne doesn’t mask smells, it makes them worse!


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