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How To Tell If a Guy Likes You

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Perhaps the most difficult aspect of dating is how to tell whether a guy likes you, or not, since they seem to sit back and wait for the girls to do the running, and in many cases, it’s the girls who have made the first move. What we need to bear in mind is that men and women view personal relationships from a completely different perspective. One moment you’re phoning and texting like mad … and then nothing for days. Here are a few hints:
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When a girl takes a shine to a particular guy, he quickly becomes the most important thing in her life, and occupies a lot of her waking thoughts. Even in middle-age, she will still wait for his call with eager anticipation … and is hurt when it doesn’t come. This is why women often make phone calls, particularly text or mobile calls, at extremely inappropriate moments. Men see this as chasing.
Girls need to realise that when a guy is under pressure he will automatically stop communicating and focus on solving the problem, temporarily losing awareness of everything else. Other matters fade into the background – including her, and especially if the relationship is new.
Girls cannot understand why guys do this. They naturally assume that they done or said something wrong. It doesn’t cross her mind that a he might be totally focussed on his career and /or sporting activities, which will occupy most of his daily routine. This is where things can get confrontational.
John Gray writing in ‘Man Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ warns that even when a guy is attracted to a girl, he will periodically put away from her before he can get closer. “Men instinctively feel this urge to pull away but women misinterpret this, because generally a woman pulls away for different reasons.” She pulls back when she doesn’t trust him to understand her feelings, when she has been hurt and is afraid of being hurt again, or when he has done something wrong and disappointed her.
He pulls away to assert his need for independence but when he springs back, he will pick up the relationship at whatever degree of intimacy it was when he ‘stretched’ away. He doesn’t feel any need for a period of getting re-acquainted again. For him, nothing has changed within the relationship what he doesn’t realise is that for her, stability and security has been undermined by his actions.
Women see this kind of behaviour as rejection and need to go back to base-camp to begin the climb again in order to rebuild the trust and intimacy.
If her man is off-hand and distance, the woman will always assume (often wrongly) that something has gone wrong between them ... and she wants to know what it is. Hence the confrontational question and answer sessions ... ‘What’s the matter?’ ‘Nothing’s the matter.’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing’s wrong’. This is because when you ask a woman What’s wrong?’ and she says ‘Nothing!’, you know damn well that trouble’s brewing (quote from ‘WLTM; The Dating Game’).
Human relationships are always difficult but if a guy sincerely likes you, he will be in touch. There is nothing more off-putting for a man than to be bombarded with texts, emails and phone calls, so resist the urge. If he likes you he will call, if he doesn’t, he won’t! Move on.
Don’t read hidden meanings into a man’s words, you’ll save yourself a lot of distress.


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