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How to survive a blind date.

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There are many ways of dating in this modern world. We can now talk to people and get to know them online and even see a picture before we decide to take that next step to having a date. However, sometimes even this is not working for you. Finding the path to a relationship can come in the most suprising ways. A blind date sometimes strikes the fear of God into some people. But it can be really fun. Even if you do not find a connection at the end of the date you might find a friendship, or even just a nice night out.
What you'll need: 
Some good friends.
An outfit which should be smart casual.
Your mobile phone.
Make sure you have enough money to get home.
A good location where there is alot of people.
So your mates have arranged you a blind date? If you are very nervous and don't want to meet someone on your own it may be a good idea to arrange a group date with another couple. This may help you and the other person relax a bit. This is because you are not having to have the focus just on each other. This is also good if it turns out the individual you are on the date with is a no go. The company you are with such as a friend can be a much needed distraction.
Usually it is a friend who will set you up on the blind date. Make sure you ask questions about the person you are going to meet. It is nice to have some background information on the would-be date before you go in. This can range from whether the person has children. Whether they have been married before and what their previous relationship status was. What do they do for a living. How your friends know them and what they are like to be around. Any information is useful so you are informed.
Ensure that you have your mobile phone with you and enough money to get home. Keep this money separate from you socializing money. This is in case things do not go well and you need to make your excuses and leave. More importantly if something is not right and you need to leave so you are safe. If the blind date is just you and this other person make sure you tell someone where you are going and when. You can keeep in touch with the odd text to say everything is fine.
Make sure you outfit is smart but casual. Don't over do things on the first date. You want to give away everything on the first night. There are alot of nice dresses out there that are not over the top and can be peared down with a nice jacket. Or if you prefere a pair of black trousers with a nice top. A trip to the hairdressers is a must. Make sure you makeup is not too OTT. The heavy porn star look with the orange tan and hair extentions does not do you any favours. The problem is these days girls go for this fakery when it is nice to be more natural and a person to get to know the real you. Also the former look is likely to make them run to the next exit.
Make sure you meet in a public place where there is a lot of people around. Keep things light on the first date. The converstion should be general information about each other. Do not go into your deep life and all it's problems and your long dating and sexual history. You really do not want to scare anyone. However if they ask the question then tell them. without going into a long drawn out episode. You want to feel comfortable with them and them with you. Do not give it all away on the first date. Always go dutch. Pay half to maintain some form of control.
If it really is not going well or you think no no no. Then just let them know that you have to leave. One way is to say you have to work early in the morning. Ring a cab to pick you up from the venue and to take you straight home. You have not lost anything by going on the date if it is not right for you.
If you do get on. You could always arrange another date on the same night. Alternatively you could swap numbers and arrange to call each other. If they do not call after a couple of days, give them a call. If they are not home leave a message. Do not go all psycho and keep calling leaving messages. It makes you look desperate. This will make them want to change their sim card.
Alternatively you could ask them if they are on facebook or other social networking sites. Everyone uses them in one form or another these days and you could chat online afte the date to arrange another meeting.
This is really a nice way to have a date. With all the new ways that are available on the web. Sometimes we forget that a blind date can actually be really good fun. As long as you are mindful and keep safe it should go well. Like I said earlier it may lead to a good friendship. This can also be rewarding. I know what I am talking about. I met my husband on a blind date and even though I was on the evening deciding that I really did not want to do it. It was the best thing I ever did.


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