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How To Successfully Let A Holiday Home

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The holiday home market is a competitive place, with everyone from big agencies to independent home owners vying for the top spot. Here at Unique Home Stays, we’ve been successfully marketing luxury holiday homes for more than a decade. Here are our top tips on letting your home:
Make your property desirable to your target market by thinking carefully about style, decoration and furnishings. First impressions really do count! At Unique Home Stays, we are happy to guide you visit your home and provide recommendations of improvements that could be made to make your home more appealing to guests. We also offer a home styling service for more comprehensive interior design services.
Capitalise on the location of your home. Most people choose to go on holiday for a change of scenery, so ensure that you make the most of your unique location. If your home is by the coast, consider a beach-chic style or use big picture windows to frame breath-taking views.
Check that your tariffs are set appropriately for the season. You want to ensure that you remain competitive, without underselling yourself or pricing yourself out of the market. Remember, guests will be willing to pay a little more for peak times such as the summer holidays and festive periods.
Promote your property to potential guests via appropriate communications channels. You may choose to advertising in the press or online, or you may like to invite journalists to stay in your home in exchange for a review. PR coverage in targeted publications is very useful as well utilising direct marketing.
Ensure that your property available to rent during peak times in order to generate maximum revenue. Certain peak times of the year, such as the summer holidays, the Easter weekend and the festive period can demand high tariffs.
Delight guests with unexpected extras such as a welcome hamper, fresh flowers and store-cupboard essentials. Make a special effort for guests, and this effort will be repaid by loyal clientele who return time and time again.
Provide a friendly welcome for guests at your property and resolve any problems immediately. We have a very low percentage of customer complaints here at Unique Home Stays due to the welcoming and helpful manner of our property owners and their housekeepers, who go the extra mile for every guest.
Abide by the appropriate rules and regulations with regards to renting your home as a holiday property. We understand that all of the jargon can seem daunting, but we can assist you every step of the way to help you achieve your goal.
Keep track of bookings with careful administration. It is vital that you keep on top of bookings, organising housekeeping and arrange smooth changeovers.
Remain passionate about your holiday property and keep standards high. Guest will appreciate a well-loved home and will respect it all the more.
Follow these basic principles, and your home could be generating you a lucrative income in no time.


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