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How to stay safe while walking alone

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It does not matter where you are these days - if you are out alone it has never been more important to be aware of your own safety. A lone individual can be vulnerable to any kind of attack by either a solo individual or gangs that pooerate according to postcode. Just being known as someone from one particular area while walking through another can lead to trouble. It is a very sad fact of the times but it is true. There are steps you can take to keep safe.
What you'll need: 
One item I reccomend is a personal attack alarm. This can be obtained by your local police station free of charge.
Always try and make sure you plan your journeys ahead with the appropriate means of transport. It is not difficult. All it requires is good common sence and knowingly not put yourself in any dangerous situation.
I reccomend not to walk in any areas alone during the dark and especially late at night. This is when gangs are most likey to be in operation. These times can also be occupied by other unsavory characters floating around.
If you have to travel try and catch taxis or buses instead of walking.Or maybe a lift from a relative or work colleague. This will keep you off the streets and help to get to your destination quicker.
If you find you are in a situation where you do have to walk. I strongly suggest you do not wear headphones such as those for Ipods and modern mobile phones. You need to be aware of what is going on around you.
Always walk in well lit aeas where there are people already or alot of housing. If you do find yourself in any danger whatsoever run to the nearest house and bang on the door. This could be a deterrent. The would be attacker/s would most likely run off.
Do not have expensive gadgets like mobile phones visible. This is just the advertising which will draw the attention of a mugger or gangs.
Never take short cuts through unlit areas such as parks, alley ways and back streets with little lighting. You would be more likely to be jumped with not being able to see any danger. This also gives a would be attacker cover so they are not discovered.
If you have managed to obtain a personal attack alarm. It is wise to keep it with you in a pocket or in your hand. This is so you can use it very quicky when you need to.
If you do find you are faced with a problem and the above steps are not an option either. run if you can, grab your mobile and call the police straight away and tell them where you are. If you cannot run scream shout make as much noise as you can whether running or stationary. You may be able to attract the attention of someone who could help you.
Only tackle them if you feel you can handle the situation and are not able to to avoid confrontation.
It may be an idea to take up a self defence class or a form of martial arts. This is not just to help you keep yourself safe, but can also be a good means of fitness.
If you have to go out then take someone with you do not go alone.
Many gangs move around in groups for the soul purpose of safety in numbers if you try and tackle one of them they will all attack you.
It is also a standard for some gangs to carry knives or a blade of some kind. Bare this in mind before thinking about tackling them.


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