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How To Self Reflexology

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Reflexology is a fine art of applying pressure to the reflexes on the feet using particular techniques to achieve these effects where they are required. There is ultimately nothing like a full treatment from an expert reflexologist for making one feel astounding body balance, peace and self-healing. However, much can still be achieved outside of a professionals treatment room. When you can't fit in the time to see a reflexologist, you can help yourself with Well Being Self-Reflexology
Caterpillar. Place the pad of one thumb onto the surface of the other hand. Dig the thumb into the flesh by bending the thumb at the knuckle. Then straighten out the thumb, and continue this movement, working in a line along the hand, until you have covered the whole reflex.
Rotate and Press. Place the pad of the thumb onto the surface of the other hand. Apply pressure into the flesh of the hand while moving the thumb in a small circular motion. Do this for around 5 seconds.
Knuckle Hook. Do the same action as the Rotate and Press, but use the knuckle of the thumb rather than the pad. After applying rotational pressure for around 5 seconds, pull the knuckle away from the flesh of the hand in a quick, sharp movement.
Thumb (or finger) circle. Hold the top of the thumb of one hand between the index finger and thumb of the other hand. Move the thumb around in a circular movement, making three large circles.
Do these techniques on the reflexes below for a 5-minute routine to help with weight loss goals, when following a diet and exercise programme.
You now have a few tips to do Well Being Self-Reflexology. This will help you to achieve your health, fitness and happiness goals.


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