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How To Save Money With Vouchers and Coupons

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Special deal vouchers and coupons enable us to save money each week on our everyday spending. There are now cash-back and voucher sites on the internet that have been highlighted in the ‘Your Money’ section of the Daily Telegraph, several of which have apparently acquired cult status. Most supermarkets have their own loyalty cards and there are hundreds more money-off coupons to be found in magazines and newspapers. Coupons are ‘money’ and it’s quite staggering just how much of that money we throw away by not taking advantage of them.
For example, more than 16 million people use the Tesco loyalty card that entitles them to money off on in-store purchases (including petrol), coupons offering discount on special products, or extra Club Card points.
Tesco Clubcard vouchers also entitle you to up to four times the value of special deal tokens to spend on great days out for the family.
Check out the supermarkets in your area and see what special deals you can get with a loyalty card. Many in-store purchases are linked to discounted prices once you get to the check-out.
“Whether you’re shopping for groceries, renewing your car insurance or eating out, there’s an easy way to save £100s each year,” says, which offers print-out vouchers on-line. Customers are also offered cash-back when they switch their utility and telephone providers through the website.
Most of us have a built-in habit of discarding money-off vouchers without a second thought, but in these financially strapped-for-cash times we can make small weekly savings by using whatever comes our way. If you want to go looking for money-off schemes, then look at the cash-back and voucher sites on the web that were featured by The Daily Telegraph.
Check for vouchers and discounts in junk mail from local supermarkets before throwing it away. The weekly ‘special offers’ at a rival store might save you £££s.
Old mobile phones and printer ink cartridges can also earn Tesco Clubcard points.
Most vouchers and coupons have a sell-by date so make sure you use them before they expire.


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