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How To Save Money on Family-Related Items – 10 tips

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In these days of escalating prices the rising cost of everyday items is hitting the pockets of most families and we’re all interested in finding ways of saving money. Here are a few that are worth exploring:
If you have a good credit record, apply for a 0pc balance transfer card and shift your debts. Some credit card companies are offering 12 months free credit with every balance transfer. Keep up-to-date and transfer the balance to another card when the existing offer expires.
Shop around for cheaper car insurance – some companies can half your current policy (including the monthly direct debit), and offer extras such as a home breakdown service or windscreen replacement in the price.
Ther are good second hand markets for second-hand baby clothes. Try the National Childbirth Trust for ‘Nearly New Sales’ near you. Local websites may have baby items cheaper than you can pay elsewhere.
Sell your unwanted stuff on e-Bay but beware of increasing postal charges that can turn a bargain into a no-goer.
Shop around for the cheapest petrol prices near you by comparing
New telephone, broadband and pay TV deals are being introduced all the time, so if you are stuck on old tariffs you could be paying far too much. Call in to your local ‘phone shop’ and see what’s on offer.
Consider buying supermarket own brand items to reduce your shopping bill. Try them out because many are just as good as the branded goods. If you cannot give up certain branded goods look for them when they are on special offer.
Supermarkets are not always the cheapest. Fruit and vegetables are often less expensive at the local market, and local high street butchers may give better value as you can buy exactly the quantity you require rather than pre-packaged cuts.
Buy fruit and vegetables at their cheapest and freeze the excess. For help with freezer guidelines the Food Standards Agency has a consumer website that explains how to freeze different foods.
Eating out is still possible if you check voucher sites for offers in your area. If you have a smartphone it is possible to download an app from that checks out deals available in the area. You don’t have to worry about printed vouchers, just show the restaurant or attraction your phone screen.
Nearly every newspaper and magazine now contains regular tips on how we can save money on our weekly expenditure – read and inwardly digest. Can any of these savings apply to you? Even if we are only saving small amounts on each item, this will soon amount to greater savings during the course of the year.
Remember the old saying: ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’.


Good tips

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Good tips to save money.

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