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How to rescue a water logged phone (or other portable media device)

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If you have accidentally put your mobile phone through a wash cycle, fallen in a lake with your iPod or tried to take to pictures with a digital camera in the middle of a foam party, don't worry! Most of the time the situation can be solved as long as you rescue the device in time.
Two things first. Do NOT try to turn the 'phone' on because the electricity will damage the circuits. And do NOT use anything involving heat to dry.
Remove sim card and any pieces of armour or extras attached. Use a cloth to dry as much of the phone as possible. If dropped in anything besides water, use cleaning alcohol.
Leave for 24 hours in one of the following: Either a Tub of dry rice, or a bowl filled with paper towels and one or more silica gel sachets from new shoe boxes.
Once you've done this, put your sim card back in and turn the phone on. In most cases, this will resolve the issue.


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