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How to Remove Limescale From Your Toilet Without Expensive Cleaning Fluids

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If you live in an area with water that leaves a build-up of limescale it can be a full on battle to keep your toilet looking shiny white without resorting to expensive cleaning fluids. Sometimes ordinary cleaners will not touch the brownish staining and you will have to spend a little extra to get one that will remove limescale. For those of you with an eye on your purse strings in these tight economic times here is a little tip to help you out.
What you'll need: 
The cheapest malt or spirit vinegar you can buy
A good stiff toilet brush
A few hours without flushing!
And maybe a little scented liquid soap
Go out and buy a big bottle of cheep malt or spirit vinegar from your local supermarket. Shop around, often you can get a gallon bottle for around £2 and it will last for ages.
Lift off the lid of your cistern and put a teacup full in there. Replace cistern the lid.
Then place the same quantity in the bowl.
Leave without flushing for as long as you can – so overnight is a good idea!
In the morning the unsightly brown limescale deposits will have loosened and can be removed by scrubbing with a firm toilet brush.
Now unfortunately your toilet smells like a fish and chip shop so you will need to flush several times.
On the last flushing put the smallest squirt of scented soap such as shampoo or even a sprinkling of bath salts – this will get rid of the vinegar’s smell and you only use a tiny amount so it is very cheep!
Occasional subsequent, similar treatments with about half the quantity of vinegar will keep limescale at bay.
For those of you on a budget this is a good alternative to expensive cleaners and if you have an eye on protecting the environment and just flush to remove the vinegars smell your will be pleased to hear that you are not putting unnecessary detergents into the water system. This can also be good news for people with septic tanks who need to be very careful about putting detergents and bleaches down the toilet. Small amounts of vinegar will not adversely effect the action of your sewage treatment.
There is good news as vinegar helps to breakdown limescale you can use it in other places where it builds up. See my article on cleaning kettles.


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