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How To Realise a Dream

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Everyone has dreams – some are unrealistic – like winning millions on the Lottery, owning the latest Sunseeker motor yacht, or having a home in the Bahamas. Other dreams are more modest, less demanding, and are usually based on a sense of personal satisfaction or achievement. Even if we still think these modest wishes are beyond our reach, with a little bit of positive thinking, we may find that it is possible to realise that dream. For example:
There’s no point in dreaming about becoming a best-selling novelist, if we’ve never written anything since schooldays. Join a local writer’s group and discover whether you have any talent in that direction; you’ll get all the help and encouragement to pursue your publishing dream.
We may have harboured dreams of becoming a professional dancer but now it’s too late. There are weekly dance clubs that welcome beginners, and even if you don’t have a partner, you could be learning to salsa in no time at all. It might not be Strictly Ballroom, but it’s still enjoyable.
Frustrated singers can always think about joining a local choir – look what Gareth Malone did with the Military Wives Choir and scooped the 2011 Christmas Number One! Choirs often take part in competitions and festivals, which may provide the captive audience we crave.
We may dream of going to far-off places but not want to travel alone. Just You, for example, offers short and long haul holidays for single travellers with a tour manager on hand 24 hours a day; your own room with no single supplement; and the chance to mix with a variety of people, genders, age groups and social standing.
Those who regret cutting their education short can enrol at a local College of Further Education, or the Open University and study for a degree. This may be purely for personal satisfaction, or with a view to changing career.
If our dream is owning a greyhound or race horse, then joining a syndicate is one way of enjoying all the thrills without the prohibitive cost of purchase and upkeep. (See How To Join a Greyhound Racing Syndicate or How To Join a Horse Racing Syndicate)
Latent sporting interests can often be catered for by volunteering to help with youth projects connected to our favourite sport. And if running the Marathon is on your list, start training and do it!
If a career in acting was our dream, then there are plenty of AmDram groups around the country that can satisfy our craving. And if we discover we haven’t got the flair for treading the boards, there are lots of back stage and front of house jobs for the theatrically minded. If, for example, you live in West London, go along to Questors Theatre in Ealing and join in.
Walking, climbing, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, hot-air ballooning are all within our reach. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old to have a spirit of adventure.
If you’re shy about going somewhere on your own, enlist the help of a friend or relation and ask if they will accompany you to a class or group for the first few meetings, or until you have made new friends and feel happy about going solo. Once we join a group, there may be someone living locally who will give us a lift.
It was recently revealed that a large number of terminally ill, or elderly people regret that they never realised a dream or ambition. The thing that often prevents us from going out a seizing Life by the throat, is a lack of self-confidence, so if we don’t want to go through life watching from the sidelines, now is the time to formulate a plan and go for it!
Open up a ‘dream fund’ account and save towards your dream
Don’t set your dreams in the realms of fantasy – you’ll only be disappointed.


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