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How to print off a ‘How to’

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Quite often you need the instructions provided by the ‘howto’ close to hand as you are working. This shows you how to achieve this, by copying and pasting the text into a new document, and then printing the document. You will also have it permanently on file.
What you'll need: 
Printer and paper
Have the computer and browser set to the page you want to print. Left click the mouse pointer at the beginning of where you want to start.
Hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse over the required text to the end, and then let go of the button. The required text should now be highlighted, usually in blue.
Hover the mouse button over the highlighted text, and press the right mouse button. This action presents you with a menu. Left click on ‘copy’
Now this selection is saved for you in what is called the ‘computer clip board'. The clipboard only holds the copied text, until you overwrite it by copying something else, or by switching off the computer.
Minimise the browser window, or reduce the window size, or close the website, so that you can see some or all off your computer desktop.
Now right click on a blank piece off the desktop to produce a drop down menu. Slide the mouse pointer down to ‘New’, and another menu appears, select ‘Text Document’
A ‘New Document’ now appears on the desktop, which you can rename if you wish, by typing in the name whilst it is still highlighted. Double click on this document to open it.
At the curser that appears, right click and select ‘paste’, to paste in the copied text. Click now on ‘File’, then select ‘Print’, to print off your new file.
Close the file, and you will be given the choice of ‘Saving’ the document to your preferred location for future use.
If you wish, you can print from the web browser. However, this usually prints the complete page, which contains more than you require. Using this method gives you more control, as you can also rename and save for future reference.


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