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How to prepare your lawn in the spring

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We all like to have a super looking lawn during the summer. However some of us are not financially able to buy top of the range turf. Even a lawn that is done with grass seed can look really good if care and attention is given to it. My lawn when I moved in was full of moss and dandilions. It has taken a good three years but is now looking pretty good.
What you'll need: 
Lawn mower.
Weed, feed, and moss killer
Grass seed if necessary
By the beginning of March, people are getting really fed up with their scraggly lawn. I would be tempted to leave it until the end of the month for it's first cut. The growing season has just started and we want things to dry out a little. We are also trying to avoid any late frosts which might appear and damage the ground.
It is wise no matter what size the lawn to get a lawn mower with a decent grass collector. There is noting worse then having to pick up afterwards. Yes, raking the grass can be beneficial, but it is time consuming and alot of work. If you have medical conditions that limit your ability to do any or much gardening.
The first cut should be on a high blade setting. We do not want to damage the roots of the grass and this will give it a general tidy. I would start as I mean to go on and cut the edges with scissors. This is much neater than a strimmer.
The second cut should be done about two weeks later. This time place the blade on a lower setting for a shorter cut. The second cut is always much better than the first. Again, and from now on, use scissors for a neat edge.
Additionally, I put down weed feed and moss killer. Make sure all pets are in the house as it could be poisonous. Allow a day when the weather is going to be dry for about 24 hours before any rain to give it the chance to work. If it does not rain after the 24 hour period, it may be good to wet it down with a hose pipe.
Leave this to settle for about a week. It should kill off anything that should not be there. It is worth investing in an electric scarifier. This with little effort picks up all the dead weeds and grass from the roots of the lawn. Some of this dead grass has settled in there years before. It also punches tiny holes into the ground to help it breath.
You may pick up alot of waste from the lawn and it may look a little rough after. This is not a bad thing it just clears out all of the rubbish you do not want in there. When I first did mine it looked like a well worn football pitch. It was unbelievable how much I got out of it. It is worth after two or three days giving it a mow. The scarifier not only clears all the dead waste from the garden, it also straightens the blades of grass. This then can have a really good and equal cut.
If the lawn has bald spots now then grass seed can be added and watered every day into the lawn. It usually takes about three or four weeks to sprout. Get some decent quality seed. The rest of the year is cut as normal.
You may have to scarify the lawn for two or three years in a row. I do it every year but now not as vigorously. This is becouse it does not need it. It will come to the stage where seeding is no longer necassary.
A lot of work does go into the garden and the lawn. It is possible to use simple steps to get a nice summer lawn. You can buy decent equipment from all good garden stores.
Try buying equipment in the late summer or Autumn of the previous year when items are in the sale and cheaper then you would normally pay.
Ensure the grass seed is of good quality without ryegrass.
You can on occasions during the summer buy lawn food to give it a feed to deep the colour.


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