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How To Plan A Garden Room

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Garden rooms are a great way of adding space to your house without all the upheaval of an extension. They make the perfect office, entertainment space or children's play area.
Decide where you want to put the garden room, next to the house or at the end of the garden. Think about the logistics of going to and fro. How does it impact on the view from rooms at the back of the house.What will the view be from the garden room.
The garden room should complement your house and surroundings. Will it be traditional with a scandinavian or seaside theme or a modern glass box. With the exterior be rendered or clad. What do the windows need to do - do you want a bright office or a cosy hideaway?
You don't usually need planning permission for a garden room but you must adhere to building regulations. The garden room must be at least 1 metre from the boundary of your house, the height of the garden room will depend on the height of your house but the footprint must not be any greater than 30m square. You should not build over cables or sewers and materials must be non combustible. You can not use a garden room as a dwelling.
If you plan to take out trees remember that they may leave very deep roots.
It is always best to get an architect or your tradesman to produce drawings to save any confusion during the build. Always use a recommended qualified tradesman.
For more tips look at this video:


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