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How To Organise a Quick Spring Clean & Make Over

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Get springtime off to a good start by catching up with odd jobs around the home and putting everything in order.
Blitz the whole house and get rid of all unwanted paper – with the exception of bank statements and letters – shred all old receipts, bills over 12 months old, brochures and put old magazines and newspapers out for recycling.
Invest in a tub of sugar soap from your local DIY or hardware store and clean all the interior paintwork. A bit of elbow grease and a damp sponge will have it sparkling again and remove the temptation to redecorate.
Move furniture around to create more space throughout the house, and to give the impression of a new room design. Try hanging existing pictures in different places or groupings.
Update your technology and streamline your radio/television/music/computer equipment. Get rid of all broken and unwanted items such as radios, video/tape players, etc
Look for options to make your home greener and save money at the same time, by adopting simple ideas such as installing a water butt in the garden and attaching a hose. Make your home energy efficient.
Check your house for safety by paying attention to light bulbs, the wiring behind computers and televisions, and the electrical plugs in all the rooms. Renew batteries in smoke alarms, and if you haven’t got alarms, fit them.
Take heavy drapes or curtains to be dry-cleaned, which will remove any dusty or lingering odours. If you have pets, book a professional carpet cleaning service for the downstairs carpets where they live.
Visit your local £Pound-shop and replace all those tatty kitchen implements that lurk under the sink – as well as freshening up the laundry room with colourful plastic baskets, clothes pegs and a new ironing board cover
Get rid of all the clutter that seems to accumulate on mantelshelves, hall tables and bookcases and put it away where it belongs. Pension off all the tired house-plants and buy cut-flowers at supermarket prices. Better still invest in a large ornamental silk display from Bloom.
Put a table near the front gate and pile it with all your unwanted items. A small box with some small coins in the bottom will encourage donations that can go to your favourite charity.
In these days of family belt-tightening, these small but simple steps will save pounds in the long-run - and brighten up your home with the minimum of fuss and expenditure.


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